Ella Ragland Art - a 501 (c) (3) Not for profit company

The Ella Ragland Art Company is a charity. 
It is a small venture, with volunteer officers and no salaries. Funds received go to Alzheimer's patient projects, in local facilities, to maximize the effects. We are not affiliated with any national organization.

Bearded iris were Ella's favorite flowers, and a print from one of her paintings is our logo. 

Ella Ragland Art nfp
Charity Projects

We’ve just funded our second year of Inter-Active Music for dementia patients at Colonial Springs Care Center in Buffalo, MO.  The feedback from family and staff is very positive.  In fact, the project is so successful that the facility administrator requests that we expand to visual arts - but funding is forever a challenge. 

It’s great to know that mom’s legacy of art work is bringing pleasant experiences for other Alzheimer’s patients. This is a great mission!
We also continue to support activities for Alzheimer’s patients in Lebanon, Missouri as requests come in from care facility administrators.  We’re on a slower pace there than prior years, for unknown reasons. Things seem to go in cycles.

Seasons Greetings:  Merry Christmas to US friends and family!  
Happy Christmas abroad! 
Happy Hannukah to our Jewish friends and Happy New Year to all!
I wish you many blessings.



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