Thursday, November 24, 2011

Talking about writing and illustrating with Quinlan Lee of Adams Literary on my right and Katie Wools, Illustrator Coordinator for MoSCBWI.

The current dilemma is whether to continue a nonfiction manuscript, which gave me fits for months because I kept writing like a  professor.  Translation:  BORING.   My critique group spoke more kindly than that, but that's the gist of the thing.  Or, I can fictionalize the story as suggested by Heather Alexander of Dial Books for Young Readers.

When I experiment with fictionalizing the story, the dialog flows.  It is fun to write.  The story arc remains the same but with much more action and more about the characters.  All I need is to keep the language appropriate for today's YA audience.  That's all.

Easy, right? 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

SCBWI-Missouri conference for writers and illustrators

Our Keynote Speakers Saturday November 5, 2011 were author Suzanne Morgan Williams, agent Quinlan Lee, editor Heather Alexander, and illustrator Rich Davis.  Super faculty.  I can not find enough positive adjectives and adverbs for these amazing, talented, brilliant professionals.   
November 5th was my first conference as Missouri RA (Regional Advisor), the first for Assistant RA Janet Lloyd Weber, and the first for IC (Illustrator Coordinator) Katie Wools.  Thankfully, we had RAEmeritus Sue Bradford Edwards for consultation throughout the conference.  Janet and I live in Springfield and we had conference helpers from around the state, with the metro St. Louis area contributing the most (locals).  All of us involved in SCBWI-Missouri leadership roles are volunteers.  The collegiality is priceless!
My critique from Heather Alexander of Dial Books for Young Readers provides new levels of thought, new challenges, but perhaps more opportunities.  She suggested that I think about fictionalizing my book about the Conway High Robotics Club and their national championship with Fred, the robot.  Hmmmm