Thursday, February 25, 2010


I write because I must. Sometimes I spend several days pre-writing and re-writing in my head; sometimes I write in my sleep. My preferred time is to write in the early morning, before email, before facebook, but NOT before 2 cups of British Breakfast tea with honey. Cinnamon toast on the side is a bonus.


Another necessary activity is reading. I read a wide variety -- what the bookstore has in stock for book groups, many mystery writers, lots of women writers, YA, middle grades.  EVERYone should read Richard Peck, Barbara Kingsolver, Sarah Dessen, John Sanford, Tony Hillerman, Ann Rivers Siddons, Annie Proulx, Lee Child, all stories in THE NEW YORKER, even though you won't like all.  Read the classics ... and whatever else grabs your eye.  Perusing book stores' fiction selections is a thrilling activity.


Cathy Dame said...


I guess I have a question. I have heard many writers say that they write the most in the early morning. This doesn't surprise me as I am a "morning person" myself. But, where do you write? And do you struggle to write outside of that environ?


JC Ragland said...

For first drafts, my most creative mode, I need to be in my quiet office. Emphasis on quiet. For revisions, I can work with my laptop in various places, but still prefer quiet. ~ Joyce