Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Catching Up!

Sometimes I find that I am juggling too many projects/ideas/deadlines and have to stand back, take time to think and prioritize.  I have writing projects that are a must - I have to tell this story - and others that are good ideas, but not in the forefront but maybe should be.  For my nonprofit venture, the Ella Ragland Art 501 (c ) (3) company, I've had a web site and blog/journal built in and haven't done much with either, thus I decided to condense that activity with this one.  For one thing, it is much easier to revise/add/delete this blog than the web site, which required a web master with more expertise than mine.  This blog, I can do solo and there's great advantages there. So this is now a blended site.  I'll post activities about the NFP, and about my SCBWI-MO Regional Advisor activities.  Feels right.  Seems logical, and necessary.

The photo shows Vicki Bennett on left, who does a music project for my Alzheimer's NFP, and who is also a writer.  I'm on the right, smiling after a great night's sleep in St. Charles following our fab fall conference.

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